Hot off the hilarious raunchy short film "Pillow Talking," Lil Dicky revealed his plans to star in his own TV project. He said it's only at the beginning phase though.

"I'm working on a TV show," he told XXL, adding, "but it takes so long to develop that you won’t really see any of that for like a year and a half, but it's in the works."

The 29-year-old rapper said his main focus is on music and TV. Although, he thinks his future TV gig has the potential to land him even more opportunities -- maybe movie roles.

"I'm pretty focused on this one thing," Dicky said. "I think my TV show is gonna be my big thing so I'm pretty focused on that and I think doing that will lead to all of the other opportunities I want, to jump to movies and other stuff, but it starts with that."

Dicky also revealed that, besides features on other artists' projects, you can expect him to drop his own album sometime in 2017.