By now, most of you are aware of the Ball brothers, the famous teenage trio of basketball players from Chino Hills, California who’ve been getting a ton of publicity lately thanks to their over-the-top father Lavar. There’s the oldest Lonzo, who’s expected to be a top 2 picks in this NBA draft, high school senior LiAngelo, who’s committed to UCLA already, and youngest brother LaMelo, a Sophomore who scored 92 points in a game earlier this year, but did you know there’s now a fourth brother? That’s right, another “L” in the family… Lil Dicky.

In a hilarious new segment by ESPN, rapper Lil Dicky poses a lost son of Lavar Ball. Narrated by former Duke star & ESPN analyst Jay Williams, Lil Dicky talks about being the outcasted brother of the family& why went took on rapping in this hilarious 4-minute mockumentary.

Check it out (below), and be sure to revisit Lil Dicky’s “Pillow Talking” video while you’re at it.