By now, you'd think white people would have learned from singing the n-word. Even if it's a crucial part of the lyrics, refraining is generally the wiser course of action. Especially if the cameras are out, and rest assured, they will be. Kanye West surely tested the mettle of festival-goers worldwide when he dropped "Gold Digger," although "broke, broke," made for a respectable substitute. Either way, it's simply one of those things that should be avoided. Yet every so often, a group of drunk white people are caught getting a little to familiar, especially when a catchy song comes on. 

Lil Dicky's "Freaky Friday" featured an interesting moment where Chris Brown (while possessed by the spirit of LD), joyously celebrated in his newfound ability to say the N word. While the racy section left a few critics perturbed, it was largely accepted as a tongue-and-cheek moment of satire. Still, the song's catchy nature has all but guaranteed the inevitable singalong, and lo-and-behold, it's "Gold Digger" all over again.

The Virginia Tech women's Lacrosse team has clearly been harboring some fantasies about waking up in Chris Brown's body. The team seemed in good spirits as they blasted the Lil Dicky hit, partaking in a full-fledged karaoke session. When the infamous N-word part came about, they belted on without hesitation. According to TMZ, the coach has apologized on behalf of the team, and claims that there was no malicious intent.