If you had tickets catch Lil Dicky on his upcoming Life Lessons Tour, unfortunately, we're here with bad news since Dicky has postponed his North American and European adventure. The "Lemme Freak" rapper was supposed to take off on October 8th but will have to reschedule so he can focus on his upcoming album and television show. 

"I really want to get my album to a place where it's pretty much done before all of season 1 of the show gets back into production," he wrote on Instagram. "Because once that gets going, I won't be able to get in the studio very much. I thought I could get to that place before this tour, but it turns out I couldn't. I just want this album to be special. I been working on it for over three years and we're getting close."

All fans who have secured their tickets will get a full refund. "I hate disappointing whoever already bought tickets," he added. "I weighed all of the scenarios heavily before coming to this conclusion. I didn't anticipate my work load being this much when I booked this tour."

Read his full post below.