Lil Dicky, real name David Burd, has had an incredible year, pandemic aside. He released the first season of his new show Dave, which has become a hit for FX. Showcasing his rise in the rap world, LD's goofiness is on full display in the comedy, which featured appearances from YG, Young Thug, Gunna, and more.

As we wait for the second season to be finished, Lil Dicky is back provoking change in the world. 

Those familiar with the rapper know that he places activism at the forefront of his value system. The 32-year-old Pennsylvania native generally preaches the importance of numerous issues, including climate changes, politics, and more. Today, he's tapping into the latter by promising some exclusive content if you register to vote.

Sharing a picture of himself fully nude with his penis tucked between his legs, LD promised to spread his legs to let it all hang under one condition: "If you register to vote, I will spread my legs wide and release my penis in a subsequent post," wrote the rapper.

He continued, explaining how important the upcoming election is for us all. "This is the most important election of our lifetime. Step up. Your vote legitimately matters. Link in my bio," he wrote.

Unfortunately, the comments section appears to be filled with complete idiots, with many of the top comments being from Trump supporters. "Oh we’re voting, but we’re voting for trump. Just put out an album already," said one person, demeaning LD and essentially telling him to "just shut up and dribble".

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Is this enticing anybody to register to vote or is Lil Dicky not doing it for you?