Lil Dicky has emerged from his hibernation. His Chris Brown assisted single "Freaky Friday" has already amassed close to thirty million views in a mere eight days; while the song itself seems to focus more on "funny Dicky" than "dope-rapper Dicky," it has clearly brought him back to the forefront in a big way. Granted, the man is multifaceted. Still, he explains to Big Boy that some people still don't quite think of him as a "rapper rapper," and it can prove tiresome. "There have been times where I'm on stage for soundcheck, like holding the microphone in my hand, and the sound guy goes 'when is the rapper going to get here," reflects Dicky, prompting a sad chorus of laughter. 

Dicky excels at interviews, with an easy-going charm and self deprecating sense of humor, even after Big Boy comes through with an intense question - "are you looking for love, or are you looking for smashing?" Dicky wastes little time in establishing his raison d'etre. "Love," says Dicky. "I haven't even had sex in seven months. I'm too scared." When pressed about his fear, Dicky replies that performance anxiety and STDs can turn a generally enjoyable experience into a stressful one. 

"I am looking for a girlfriend," admits Dicky. "I always am. I'm a hopeless romantic, I can't wait to fall in love again." Clearly, the heart wants what it wants. With a new album around the corner, we're hoping that LD can learn to conquer his fear. Best of luck sir.