The most recent Billboard update has some good news for Lil Dicky, as the Pennsylvania comedy-rapper debuted at number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, landing in the top ten of the chart for the first time.

The song, which features Chris Brown, explores a modern re-telling of the classic body-switch story from the titular film "Freaky Friday", though instead of a mother switching places with her daughter, we get Lil Dicky switching bodies with Chris Brown.

The song has proven to be very popular, landing in our top ten lists two weeks in a row, though not everyone is a fan. The video, which features a star-studded cast including Kylie Jenner and Ed Sheeran, has some fans upset that their favorite celebrities are willing to appear in a Chris Brown video. 

That hasn't appeared to harm the videos popularity however, as it's currently sitting at over 44 million views on YouTube. 

Of course there's no telling what will happen with the song from here. While it may have debuted in the top ten, that climb to number 1 is the hardest, and Lil Dicky has some competition in that regard. Drake's juggernaut hit single "God's Plan" is currently running the Billboard chart, and XXXTentacion's recent album ? has already produced a top ten single of its own. 

Whether Dicky manages to grab that number one spot or not, a top ten single is a great accomplishment for any artist. Chances are this song is the precursor to an upcoming album announcement, and we'll be sure to bring you the info as soon as it's known.