Dave Burd, better known to the masses as Lil Dicky, has finally checked off a major bucket list item with the arrival of his new FXX series Dave. In celebration of the show, which happens to be executive produced by Kevin Hart, Dicky came through for another appearance on Sway In The Morning. Fans know that Burd has left a lasting impression on the Sway In The Morning squad, having laced a pair of memorable freestyles during his time in the booth. Here, he's foregoing the bars and talking shop, taking the opportunity to break down the hip-hop hierarchy of basketball talent and his lofty place within it.  

After expressing that making the NBA is the only one of his childhood dreams yet to manifest, Heather B suggests hitting up the Celebrity All-Star Game as a litmus test. "I haven't played in that game yet," says Dicky. "I've been waiting cause I really just want to be ready. When I play in that game I'm going to score like, thirty-six points." His claim is met with incredulity, with Heather straight up saying it won't happen. "First off, it's the NBA celebrity game," retorts Dicky. "Honestly, everybody sucks in that game. They all suck!"

Lil Dicky Basketball Rappers

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Sway claims that neither Quavo, Common, nor Chris Brown suck, which Dicky agrees with. "But that's borderline it," says Dicky, though he does give Kevin Hart props for being athletic. "I've never played with him, but I know for a fact if he really D'd me up it'd be hard to do stuff on him," says Dicky, his phrasing on-brand with his moniker. "He's probably very annoying."

When Heather B mentions 2 Chainz, Dicky admits that Tity is nice but seems more comfortable in a mentorship role these days. "He doesn't play in the game that often," explains LD. "I was just in a game with 2 Chainz and he was like coaching, cause he didn't want to run around a lot. He's a great coach though. He put me in the right position, I thrived in that game. I had like sixteen points. I played really well. I think everybody would say I was the most impressive part of that game." Sway seems unconvinced, prompting Dicky to up his intensity. "Ask Chris Brown if I'm impressed at basketball," he challenges. "I'm one of the best rappers that play basketball, no question." 

"J Cole looks really good," he continues, spelling out the hierarchy of rap basketball elite. "I've never been on the same court with him but I know he's good. Chris Brown, definitely good. Quavo, definitely good. I think right about there, Common is good. I haven't played with [Drake] but he looks alright. I feel like I could beat Drake, but he's probably so much stronger than me. It depends how they want to play one-on-one. If he's going to back me down and put me all the way under and he's really good at finishing. But I don't really fear Drake on the basketball court."