Yesterday afternoon, ESPN NBA insider Chris Sheridan tweeted that an NBA source informed him LeBron James is 100% leaving Cleveland next Summer when he officially becomes an unrestricted free agent.

According to the tweet, the source believes LeBron is finished with the Cavs because his relationship with team owner, Dan Gilbert, is beyond repair. Of course, others have said that LeBron hasn't made up his mind one way or the other.

These rumors, claiming LeBron will leave the Cavs, have been around since the end of last season, even before Kyrie Irving's trade request, and the most common reports suggest LeBron will be heading to the Western Conference next Summer to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. That said, it's truly anybody's guess where he'll end up if, in fact, he walks away from the Cavs.

Some fans believe the Cavs should try and trade LeBron James this offseason, rather than risk losing him in free agency for nothing, only there's one small problem with that. He has a no-trade clause in his contract.

But still, the debate rages on. Should the Cavs look to trade LeBron James?

Lil Dicky and Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant had a small exchange on twitter last night regarding that very question after LD sent out a tweet which read, "If I'm Cleveland, I'm one thousand percent trading LeBron." KD responded by saying you can't trade a legend, adding, "LeBron gets to hold the cards."

Truth is, LeBron does hold the cards and the Cavs are reportedly preparing for a future without their franchise player.

ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski reports,

"As the Cleveland Cavaliers deliberate on deals to move All-Star guard Kyrie Irving, the franchise is operating under a self-prescribed mandate: Presume a future without LeBron James."

"Cleveland isn’t giving up on the possibility of re-signing James next summer, but it is no longer investing blind faith in the hope he will stay. For James, a reluctance to commit comes with an emerging set of complications. Beyond Irving’s decision to ask for a trade, Cleveland has determined that it’s unwilling to simply be reactive to James’ possible departure."

Unfortunately for the Cavs, despite Lil Dicky's best advice, they won't be getting anything in return if/when LeBron leaves town.

Check out the twitter exchange between KD and LD below.