If you missed it, Kim Kardashian met with President Donald Trump and other officials at the White House a couple weeks ago to discuss prison reform & getting Alice Marie Johnson free, which ultimately worked. However following the “great meeting” Trump said they had, Kim was on the receiving end of a ton of flack as people were outraged that Kim was the one talking on behalf of prison reform, as if she knew anything about it or could relate. Well it appears not everyone was against Kim partaking in this prison reform meeting, and in particular an ex-inmate, Lil Boosie, thought it was a positive thing.

TMZ caught up with Boosie at Atlanta's Lenox Square Mall on Tuesday where they asked him his thoughts on the Trump & Kim prison reform meeting.

“I think its positive that Kim K & Kanye are doing something people in prison because so many people forgot em in prison, but I think thats a positive thing. If they want to be accepted in any kind of way, Kanye and Kim K, if y’all do penitentiary y’all got a heart. People gon' accept y’all for that,”  Boosie says.

Then Boosie was asked if he would be open to help out with the prison reform movement if he was asked by Trump, which he said he would. “If it’s a positive thing towards the prison movement, I’d do it,” Boosie said.

Check out the clip (below) and let us know your thoughts on the whole matter.