Lil Boosie threw a party for his mother's 60th birthday this weekend, and his neighbors are already getting worried. The Baton Rouge rapper-- who is currently renting a house that was previously owned by Birdman, in a Louisiana gated community --has been getting complaints from those that live around him, citing offenses such as noise and minor parking violations.

Boosie's mother commented on the neighborhood's reaction to her son's party. “It was just a small family gathering,” she said. “We’re in this neighborhood just like everybody else, you understand. Just like everybody else have parties, we have parties too.” She later said, “I just feel like we were being singled out, and we have to be fair.”

Not everyone in the area is against Boosie, however. "A lot of people make the mistake of judging people before they know them, said one neighbor. "They probably heard who he is, and thought 'Oh god, we've got a rapper in the neighborhood. I feel like if people got to know him, they would think differently."

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