Lil Boosie's Crazy Party Made The News

Philip Cheek
March 29, 2014 23:30

Watch the news footage of Boosie's peeved neighbors getting interrogated by the media after they snitched on Boosie's thunderous party.

Lil Boosie is out of jail and he has cause to celebrate. Unfortunately though, he celebrated so hard the neighbors called it in to the authorities (who thankfully didn't find a reason to haul Boosie back behind bars).

Not everyone was so mad though, one neighborhood went on the record saying he was just "disappointed" he wasn't invited. 

The video comes to us from WGNO news who saw it fit to do an entire video segment on the disgruntled neighbors of Boosie. The house party was evidently insane and took place in a house that was once owned by Birdman. 

The upper class (dare we say snooty?) New Orleans neighbors better get used to it, because Boosie is free and ready to turn up the ante. 

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NEWS Lil Boosie's Crazy Party Made The News