Lil Boosie fathered seven children with four separate women and now the ladies have banded together to produce a pilot for a reality television show centered around them and the unique bond they formed, while Boosie's been behind bars.

The ladies in question are Walnita, Tracey, Trivia, and Gerlissa. Walnita got in some trouble a while back for trying to sneak drugs into jail for Boosie. Now that Boosie's free he could always make an appearance on the show, however it's not entirely clear what level of involvement he has with the show, if any.

The show will reportedly focus on the rather strange friendship that has evolved between these women given the strange circumstances. Producer's are still shopping the show around to various networks, like Oxygen and Fuse, but ("somehow") no deal has been reached.

But be honest with yourselves. If you caught this show on TV, would a little part of you be tempted to watch it? Even if only for a few minutes?

Of course, Boosie's release doesn't just mean he's freed himself up for a few reality TV appearances. He's apparently got a lot of music queued up for us, so stay posted as it comes out!

Watch some snippets of the upcoming show in the video below.