In a video that's been making the rounds on social media, Lil Bibby's brother G Money was captured in two parts, jacking two roadside merchants selling fake Juice WRLDmerch. Before his network reached to its current heights, Juice aligned himself with Bibby in some capacity, believed to be some kind of co-management agreement. Although the depths of their business dealings are uncertain - one thing's for certain, Lil Bibby and his brother G Money put on for the 20-year-old, and he'd likely repay the favor were the tables turned.

Before you take an ethical stand here, consider this. G Money is doing right by his mate when he prevents the circulation of counterfeit merchandise, but to what effect? Those who'd be interested in purchasing Juice WRLD would rather cop it from the source at triple the cost. That's the nature of the game. With that said, is G Money doing right by taking from the less fortunate if Juice WRLD already stands to make his profits online?

There's a point in the second encounter where the bootlegger begins to realize that he's being toyed with. At this point, G Money is already holding two different shirt sizes and is asking for a third to compare. Many of the people who saw the video when it first came to light 20 hours ago, readily thought the person in the car was Lil Bibby and not his brother, but the Drill pioneer made sure to clear things up in a subsequent post. "I see a lotta y’all mad about da shit in my story yesterday. Dat was dis n---a @nolimit_gmoney," Bibby clarified in a later post. "Stop sending me all the threats in my dm hit @nolimit_gmoney. Don’t kill the messenger. @nolimit_gmoney why u do that 2 them ppl ku? Bogus asl on 4 nem."