Lil Bibby takes education seriously. Last fall, he proudly posed with his high school diploma. Yesterday, he revealed in an Instagram post that he plans to enroll in college and pursue a degree in computer engineering.

“I got two college visits today. They tryna give me full scholarships,” he said. "I gotta do a few shows and when I come back, I’m going to ISU [Illinois State University]. I’m gonna go check out the campus and meet with a couple of the staff. Just to let you know I’m not bullshitting. I’m going to school for computer engineering. I’mma do two years first. If I get pass them two, I’mma fuck around and go back for the other two.”

Bibby was once a promising hoopster, but admitted that he's washed up even though he's been offered a full basketball scholarship.

“I got it all mapped out. I’m on my shit," he said." They think I’m bullshitting. I’m going to college, man, forreal. You’ll have to call me Dr. Bib in the future. And I got another college tryna give me a full basketball scholarship, but I know I’m washed up.”

Go Bibby go! Watch the full announcement below.