Jayda Cheaves was arrested in Jamaica this week, and it's presently being reported that she was convicted of illegal gun possession, paying a fine of over $5,000 to avoid jail.

According to the Jamaica Observer, Jayda Cheaves and Gregory Wright are expected to return to the United States today after being arrested in Jamaica. They reportedly both pleaded guilty to two counts of illegal gun possession and accepted over $800,000 in fines, which totals just over $5,000 in American currency. 

Prince Williams/Getty Images

The report specifies that Jayda and Greg's guns are registered in the States, but were not cleared for travel. They were about to leave the private airport when they were arrested on Monday, holding them up for a couple of days. 

This really isn't much money to Jayda, who will probably make back the money in a few hours. But still, this had to have been pretty traumatic for her. Next time, she'll be sure to register her weapons correctly before traveling.

Jayda was in Jamaica to celebrate her birthday, which was a few days ago. Lil Baby sent her the following message, saying, "Happy birthday Ms Jayda Cheaves!! Prada u!! Turn up!! Stay on these bitches necks!! They can't fucc wit youuu!! I love u 4 life n wish you many more blessings."


Hopefully, she gets home safely. We'll keep you posted as more information comes out.