After airing him out on social media this summer, the mother of Lil Baby's eldest son took to Instagram again on Wednesday to address haters calling her "bitter." Ayesha, the mother of the Atlanta rapper's eldest son Jason, blasted the rapper on social media for failing to provide an adequate amount of financial support for their son. According to Ayesha, Jason was kicked out of school in August because Lil Baby had not paid his outgoing balance owed to the institution. Ayesha claims the rapper hasn't stepped up to take proper care of Jason in an effort to be petty towards her because of the way their relationship ended. 

Addressing the claims in a brief Instagram rant, the rapper's first baby mother defended herself against haters calling her out of her name because of how publicly she's been addressing the matter. "I don't want don't keep his kid away from him I just don't tolerate half step or disrespect!" she began the rant. "Does that make me bitter or are a lot of you h*es just weak and slow? Check your standards," she wrote with text on a black screen.  

She continued, "B*tches call me bitter whole time they dumb," adding in obligatory laughing emojis.

Lil Baby has not addressed his baby mama nor the allegations of his neglect, but should Baby be doing more for Ayesha? Let us know what you think!