From the streets of Atlanta, Lil Baby has emerged as one of the biggest new stars in hip-hop. With no plans of slowing down, his prolific mixtape run paid off as it translated into platinum-selling, chart-topping albums. That being said, Baby is no longer as accessible as he once was. Some may remember a period in time where it felt like everyone was getting a Lil Baby feature.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Sure, like many artists, that's what brings food to the table. However, once you get to a level of success where you're asking for two hunna an occasion, the prices of features will surely skyrocket. That is the case with Lil Baby. As rap we've witnessed his glorious rise from the trap to mainstream success, he demands anyone asking for a feature to respect his hustle. That means having six-figures to dole out if you're inquiring about getting a 16.

"Ima feel offended if you want a verse from me but don't got a 100k... 'respect my hustle,'" Baby tweeted. "100k cheap by the way do your streaming research."

Though Baby's feature fee isn't new, it should be noted that it reportedly takes 1,500 streams to make a dollar. Surely, a feature from Lil Baby in 2020 will pay off in the long-run.