We're all enjoying Drake's new single, "Toosie Slide," which is incidentally also the latest dance challenge that is swiftly taking over TikTok (and by extension, the internet/millennials at large). In the music video for the highly anticipated record, Drizzy even dabbles in the dance himself, sliding his left and right foot as the song asks. Now, as big as the song has already become even pre-official release, it appears one artist in particular is missing out from the hype-- despite an open invitation to be apart of the hype.

Lil Baby drake toosie slide

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for BET

Lil Baby revealed on his Instagram today, while praising Drake's new song, that he was supposed to be on the record. Despite being a rather hard-working rapper, someone who has dropped project after project since he first step foot into the game, Baby somehow didn't get his shit together in time to send Drake his verse back. We'll never know why or how. I mean, now especially, Lil Baby is home all the time and we'd imagine he'd have a studio set-up in said home. Whatever the case though, the rapper shared, "[Drake] Sent Me This Song A Month Ago My Dumb Ass Ain’t Send The Verse Bacc !! But That’s Big Bro We Got Shit Comingggggg !!!"

Well, at least he ends thing on the positive-- the two have more collaborations on the way even if "Toosie Slide" didn't end up among them. 

Baby and Drake first collaborated on the former's "Yes Indeed," as well as "Never Recover" off Baby and Gunna's joint project.

Who is excited at the prospect of future Drake and Lil Baby music though? Would "Toosie Slide" have been even better with Baby on it?