In terms of sheer commercial success, it's hard not to hand Lil Baby the title of 2020's champion. As of this moment, his My Turn album sits comfortably in the Billboard Top 10, even seven months removed from its initial release. Clearly, Baby's acclaimed project has staying power, and a less ambitious artist would likely be content in riding that particular wave until the cows came home. Yet Lil Baby is not one to squander an opportunity, and all signs point to him coming through with the DMX special -- two best-selling albums -- before the year is done.

Lil Baby

 Rich Fury/Getty Images

In August, Baby expressed interest in dropping off another album, having recently confirmed as much during an ongoing studio session. And while he wouldn't be the first artist to tease new music with no discernible plans to actually release it, Baby recently took to Twitter to indicate the opposite. "This gone be one hell of a week," he writes, saying little but implying no shortage of possible outcomes.

Of course, the obvious conclusion is that Baby is sitting on a new single, which would in turn signal the arrival of a full-length album. And should he actually manage to come through with the double-header, it would be a fitting cap-off to a year that saw him elevated comfortably to superstar status. Check out the intriguing tweet below, and while it may very well be a red-herring, don't be surprised to see Lil Baby come through with something new this Friday.