Following the release of his third project of the year in Street Gossip, Lil Baby has officially hit up The Breakfast Club to touch base. Off the bat, Lil Baby establishes that he's in the rap game for the long haul, speaking with Angela Yee and DJ Envy about the transition from the streets to the industry, among other topics.

Around the twelve-minute mark, Baby showcases a respectable sense of humility, explaining that he's been navigating success in a constant state of surprise. "Everything is new to me still," he explains. "I'm still grasping it all." Envy proceeds to inquire about his thoughts on the Tory Lanez vs Joyner Lucas feud, which previously found Baby chiming in with a few comments.

"I be on my mixtape app, cause I listen to up-and-coming artists, cause that's all I really be listening to," explains Baby. "So I seen it, but it was on like "Litty Again," so I just clicked it." He was ultimately so impressed with Joyner that he proceeded to catch up on his catalog. "Whoever this n***a, he can rap, he hard as hell," praises Baby, alluding to Joyner Lucas. He laughs, explaining that he indeed "fucks with Tory Lanez," and that he already knew he could rap, given their history of collaboration. "If it were a beef I wouldn't say shit about no grown men, period," says Baby. "But that was on some 'rap cool' shit."

Peep Baby's new interview below, and be sure to support his latest endeavor, Street Gossip,right here