Lil Baby has had wild past year or two. From the streets of Atlanta to topping the charts with smash hits, the QC rapper has seen a meteoric rise in his popularity, and a lot of that is thanks to his boss man Pierre “Pee” Thomas. Fresh off the release of his new album, Street Gossip, the ATL rapper decided to share a more softer side of himself and show Pee some love on IG last night. 

Lil Baby took to Instagram to share an appreciation post, thanking Pee for changing his life, his families life and friends. Baby begins by saying he initially wanted to sign to Gucci, questioning how Pee could focus on him with Yachty & Migos blowing up, but he trusted the process and is now grateful for it. Baby ends his post by saying “I just want to tell you preciate it.” 

“When I First Started Rapping I Wanted To Sign To Gucci Even Tho @qcmceo_p Was My Brother ! Between Migos And Yachty I Was Like How Pee Can Do It! In A Matter Of Months He Helped Me Change My Life My Family Life My Niggas Life!! We Just Getting Started But I Just Want To Tell You Preciate It!!” Baby’s caption read.

Check out the post (below) and be sure to to listen to Street Gossip right here if you haven't done so already.