2018 might go down as the year of Lil Baby. The rapper dished out three projects, Harder Than Ever which produced his first top 10 single, "Yes Indeed" with Drake and the long-awaited, Drip Harder joint project with Gunna. The rapper has undoubtedly hustled his ass off this year, but he definitely isn't slowing down at any point soon. Although there are about seven weeks left in 2018, Baby is ready to cap the year off with a bang. As he gears up for the release of Street Gossip, he shares the project's official cover art.

Lil Baby took to Instagram to unveil the official cover art for his mixtape, Street Gossip which drops on Nov. 30th. The rapper's cover art strays away from the aesthetic of his previous solo efforts and opts for something a bit more minimal. Baby is seen shirtless in a black-and-white photo of him performing with a spotlight shining on him. Meanwhile, the album's title and the words "Preacher Man" are written in red, adding the slightest bit of color to the photo.

Along with the album art, Baby announced that he would be hosting a free show for his fans at The Roxy in Atlanta. Just in case you were wondering how much Atlanta embraces Lil Baby, the rapper revealed the show was sold out in roughly an hour's time. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Street Gossip dropping on November 30th.