This has been a historic year in Lil Baby's career. Twelve months ago, he wasn't really somebody that most were checking for but now, he's one of the top names in Atlanta. The Quality Control artist started his meteoric rise after Drake hopped on one of his tracks. "Yes Indeed" was previewed a few days before its official release but it marked the turning point in Baby's career. One of the lines that has stuck to everybody's memory has been a character-defining one as Baby uttered, "Wah wah wah, b*tch I'm a baby." It turns out that the lyric was actually pitched by Offset during a studio session before it stuck, becoming a main part of the song. 

He was interviewed for Hot 97 this week when he revealed the origins of the bar, telling the full story behind it. "Actually, me and Offset were just in the studio when Drake sent me the song," said Baby. "We were just going back and forth, you know like, a lot of times before I go in the booth, you got some bros in the studio I would just rap out loud to. He was like 'wah wah wah' and I was like 'that's hard, we gotta go that way.'" He ended up finding a way to add that in and it clicked.

In the same interview, he admitted that he wouldn't be picking up the phone to call 6ix9ine until he made his way out of prison. "I don't need to be talking to nobody in jail," he said. Lil Baby's new album Street Gossip comes out tonight.