Lil Baby, like many artists, was limited to banking off of their 2020 releases due to the coronavirus pandemic. The rapper's album My Turnhas been one of the biggest albums of the year, without a doubt and in any other circumstance, you'd expect him to be on the road as much as Travis Scott was with Astroworld. Needless to say, Baby lost out on a lot of money this year.

Regardless, it seems like he has a plan to bounce back once the world is restored. The rapper, who famously said that he gets '2 Hunna a occasion,' has seemingly doubled up on that amount, making it less likely that you'll see him rocking out at your local nightclub. 

"I ain't really stressed too bad about it 'cause I save more money, you know what I'm saying?" Baby told the host of the Breakfast Club, sand Angela Yee, about the lack of shows this year. "Whatever I get for a show now is higher than I ever would've got before corona," he added. "I can't ponder on $400K, $500K a show 'cause I ain't never really got that anyway."

When Charlamagne Tha God asked him how much he charges for a show, the rapper blankly stared into the camera, nonchalantly listing off the price of a house. "$400 thousand." 

Now, Baby said that he does roughly 100 shows a year so at $400K, so he pretty much lost out of $40M over the span of 2020 because of coronavirus. 

Check out the interview below.