Fans of Atlanta rap sensation Lil Baby have been worried about the 25-year-old's health after he exhibited some strange behavior in his interview at The Breakfast Club. As he was speaking about his prison experience, Lil Baby picked up his plastic water bottle before seemingly pretending to pour it into an imaginary glass. This is just the latest moment that fans have picked out to prove Baby's quirks. But it may have been just that: a quirk.

Taking to Twitter, Lil Baby insisted that he does not take Percocet, which is what many accused him of tripping on during the interview.

"I don’t take Percocets," wrote the rapper, which elicited tons of skeptical responses.

People aren't quite sure how to handle the admission. Many are re-posting interview moments where Lil Baby was spewing incomprehensible nonsense, or twitching out of control. While Percocet may not be what has been causing his antics, people are calling out other drugs that the star may be consuming.

At this point, we have no choice but to take Lil Baby's word for it. If he says he's not taking Percocet, we've got to believe him. It's also quite possible that he's just a nervous guy and, when forced to talk about his experiences in prison, he gets a little anxious. PTSD is a thing, y'all.

Lil Baby drugs
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images