A few months back, Lil Baby revealed that Young Thug had once paid him to leave the hood so he could record music. He said that he was enticed by the more reliable rewards of street dealings, which caused him to not put all his commitment into rapping. Young Thug did not approve of this. Its been known that Thug has served as mentor to many Atlanta rappers, but the extents that he went to to ensure that his talented friends would win continue to come to light. 

While Lil Baby was being interviewed on The Breakfast Club to promote his new album, it was mentioned how he went to the same high school as Young Thug, although they were a few grades apart. This led to a discussion of how Thugger would check in on Lil Baby to remind him to take music seriously. According to Lil Baby, his elder would tell him that he didn't only have a "chance" at making it in rap, he assured him that this dream would become a reality.

Lil Baby said that Thug would hound him when they FaceTimed and Thug saw that he wasn't in the studio. At the time, he didn't understand why recording had to take up all his time - he already had some songs. However, Thug was insistent that "you can't even be chilling." The "Woah" rapper has absorbed Thug's years of advice and is now imparting it to artists he believes in, as he builds the roster of his 4PF label. "But of course, like me talking to the bros who rap, they mind ain't gon' be where mine at and my mind at ain't where Thug mind at cause i hadn't been through what I been through now. Now I appreciate everything he said and I understand everything he was saying, but then..." 

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