Lil Baby Proves He Ain't Rookie Fodder In "First Class" Video

Devin Ch
June 08, 2018 16:01

Gone by the morning?

Lil Baby chose well, making "First Class" the next video single off Harder Than Ever. The maturation process has made Baby forthright in his approach with women, booking a flight out of town well in advance. He says it himself, "Who said you can't buy love?"

The video borrows heavily from the theme of flying first class. Lil Baby enters private jet he has rented for a final tour before his guests arrive. The camera then cuts to Baby smoking a joint on the hood of a Wrangler, as he explains his ethical choice to remain noncommittal: "She like damn baby where my hug at, I'm like damn baby we don't do that."

Once the sun sets the party on the Lear turns to a full course meal, with an abundance of "entertainers" not only limited to the aisle seat. In fact, the whole lighting system in the plane is replaced by strobe fixtures, putting glare on all the exposed skin.

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