Lil Baby has made a lot of noise within a short amount of time. The ATL rapper came up under Young Thug's wing and penned a deal with Quality Control. Within thirteen months, he dropped four mixtapes - one of which was a collaborative project with Marlo - as well as his debut album, Harder Than Ever which charted at number three on the Billboard 200 and produced Baby's first top 10 single, "Yes Indeed" featuring Drake. As he inches towards becoming a superstar in his own right, Quality Control has released the highly anticipated documentary, "PREACHERMAN" starring Lil Baby.

Quality Control has released Lil Baby's new documentary, "PREACHERMAN." The documentary isn't solely about Baby's come up. It also documents the streets of Oakland City in Southwest Atlanta. The documentary follows Lil Baby's story from a child to where he is now and highlights some of the realities of his life growing up in the streets. Lil Baby's mother Lashawn Jones, Quality Control's CEO Pierre "Pee" Thomas, Baby's producer, friends as well as the Lil Baby himself.

Aside from the documentary, Lil Baby is getting ready to release his joint project with GunnaDrip Harder. The two of them released the lead single off of the project, "Drip Too Hard" earlier this month. Keep your eyes peeled for Lil Baby and Gunna's Drip Harder.

Watch Lil Baby's "PREACHERMAN" documentary below.