We just got 20 songs detailing how hard Lil Baby is stunting on us with the release of his sophomore album, My Turn, but in case anyone missed the message, he's broadcasting it on social media too. 

On his Instagram story, the Atlanta rapper gave a tutorial on how to take care of your teeth... when you have little diamonds embedded in them. He addressed the video "To whom it may concern", but given his extremely unique dental situation, only a very small faction of people will benefit from the tips he shared. "Just Cause You Bought Em Don't Mean You Ain't Gotta Brush Em," he advised, likely referring to the fact that his pearly whites aren't naturally-grown. After the brushing job was complete - thanks to the motivating soundtrack of his song, "Solid" - he showed off his gleaming smile in a follow-up photo. You then notice the mini circular diamonds shining in some of his rear teeth. If my teeth cost that much, I'd make sure to take care of them that diligently too. 

Lil Baby has a lot to be smiling about these days, as he just secured his first No. 1 album by raking in a whopping 188,165 album-equivalent units in its first week. Read our review of My Turn