Lil Baby's catapulted to the top of the rap game in a short amount of time. He only began rapping in 2017 and made the decision after his release from jail. He's said in videos that he jumped into the rap game after his incarceration and since then, we haven't heard about him getting into much trouble with the law. Unfortunately, the rapper may have found himself in a bit of legal trouble earlier today.

According to TMZ, Lil Baby was arrested earlier today during a traffic stop. The rapper was arrested on earlier today (Feb. 7th) in Atlanta and was hit with failure to signal, eluding police, and reckless driving charges. The rapper is reportedly expected to be released from police custody later tonight after he posts bond. 

The video of the rapper's arrest is a bit intense and police appear to be a bit too aggressive over traffic charges. The rapper is seen face down on the middle of the street. Baby's hands are behind his back while the arresting officer pins him to the ground. 

In other Lil Baby-related news, the rapper recently announced his upcoming "The New Generation" tour with openers Blueface and City Girls. The tour is set to kick off on Mar. 13 in Houston before concluding in his hometown of Atlanta on April 20th.