Lil Baby is fresh off of the release of his sophomore album, My Turn but he can't stop, won't stop. Taking to Instagram Live, he gave fans a snippet of more unreleased music that he freshly recorded. Snapping on the record, he brags that he bought a coupe off of verses before cutting the music out and acknowledging the leaks that come off of his Instagram Live. "See, that's enough, man. Y'all gon' put my shit on YouTube, man. I got to sell this shit," he said before revealing that he has a new tape in the pipeline.

"I'mma drop my mixtape, though. In like 60 days. Lamborghini Boys," he announced before revealing the strict rules he set for anyone who will appear as a guest verse. "All the rap n***as who got Lamborghinis features. I'mma put features on there... Lamborghini Boys mixtape."

Well, we could definitely expect Baby to stay quarantined in the studio for the next little while working on this forthcoming project. The rapper's latest project marked a major feat in his career after debuting at number one on the Billboard 200. Earlier this week, it was revealed that his latest project not only moved another 104K in its second week but he also tied up with Prince and Paul McCartney on the Billboard Hot 100 for a total amount of hits.