Yo Gotti and Lil Baby both have a lot of knowledge to share. Yo Gotti has been in the game for years, learning a thing or two when it comes to establishing a successful career in the music industry. Lil Baby was one of the hottest names last year, emerging alongside Gunna to form an awesome duo, stunning audiences by himself as well. While Yo Gotti and Lil Baby don't have the most extensive relationship on wax, the two are teaming up to help Detroit rapper 42 Dugg grow, signing him to CMG and 4PF.

Celebrating the news, 42 Dugg released a brand new song and video with his mentor Yo Gotti, dropping "You Da One" today. The Detroit native is a newcomer to the game but he's impressed the right people, enjoying a rapid increase in his streaming activity. Dugg has a lot to talk about in his music, having come from poverty on the east side of Detroit. 

Image via Publicist

Yo Gotti is excited about the prospect of watching Dugg grow with him, raving over the rapper in a statement. "I think 42 Dugg is a superstar," said Gotti. "He’s got the voice, the music, the look & the hustle. I spent the last couple of weeks moving around with him over a week just in Detroit alone. I watched him & how he moves & how ppl react to his presence & his Music And also How he takes his shit serious! I’m All in!"

Watch his new video and let us know your thoughts. If you're going to Lil Baby's upcoming tour, catch him opening up.