Lil Baby and Lil Durk have officially revealed the release date for their upcoming collaborative albumVoice of Heroes, after months of rumors and quickly deleted teases on social media.

"Album finish June 4 V.O.H," both rappers tweeted, Sunday night.

"I gotta turn my contacts into contracts," Baby added afterward.

Fans have been eagerly waiting on a release date for the project to be revealed. Baby and Durk have been seen traveling together on numerous occasions this Spring.

Baby recently sat down with MTV to discuss the highly anticipated project.

“Me and Durk locked in every night. That’s the new one. We coming. Me and Durk dropping an album for sure,” Lil Baby said

As for how the duo came up with the name of the album, Baby explained: “When it comes to that street sh*t that ‘hood sh*t, we like the heroes. The kids look at us as heroes.”

“We got songs with bars, we got songs with vibes,” Baby added. “It’s gonna be one of the craziest albums to ever come out. … We got more than one album recorded. We been locked in with each other. That sh*t easy.”