When it comes to their respective fields, James Harden and Lil Baby are at the top of their game. First, let's look at Harden. The man is a former NBA MVP who is widely considered as one of the best scorers in the history of basketball. This past season, Harden excelled on the Brooklyn Nets although injuries kept him from performing at his best during the playoffs. Regardless, the future is bright for Harden and as of next year, he will be on a title contender that is favored to win it all.

Meanwhile, Lil Baby is one of the biggest artists in the world, and his album My Turn was one of the best-selling albums of 2020. He has been headlining big festivals and whenever he gets featured on a song, it is always a big event. One would just have to look at the reactions to his DONDA verse to understand this.

Lil Baby & James Harden

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

Over the last year or so, Harden and Lil Baby's friendship has blossomed and at times, they seem to be inseparable. For instance, the two were recently in France where they were able to hit up numerous fashion shows. The two even went through a minor legal situation together as they were stopped for allegedly possessing weed while in Paris.

Now, the dynamic duo is back as they were both spotted together backstage during the Saturday night festivities of Rolling Loud. In the video clip posted below, both men were all smiles and it's clear they had a great time. Travis Scott was headlining the night, and Harden and Baby were front and center for the debut of "Escape Plan."

With the bromance blossoming, perhaps we will see Lil Baby courtside at some Nets games this upcoming season.