Lil B "Soul Food" Video

Trevor Smith
June 01, 2015 12:24

Lil B shares a video for his new song, "Soul Food".

Lil B has been all over headlines since casting his infamous "Based God's Curse" on James Harden (he later lifted the spell, but as afar as we know its's still "Fuck KD" all day, every day), but teh last year has been one of the biggest droughts of Lil B music in recent memory. 

We haven't received a new mixtape from the Bay Area rapper since last October's Ultimate Bitch, an eternity in Based World, but today, we've been treated to a promising new single from his upcoming Thugged Out Pissed Off mixtape.

"Soul Food" sounds like a throwback Southern rap instrumental, built off of a sample not unlike something Scarface would rap over. Meanwhile Lil B is at his introspective best, detailing his aspirations and personal struggle of years passed.

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