The BasedGod curse is a powerful thing. Just ask James Harden, whose poor performance tonight helped contribute to Houston's third consecutive loss of over 20 points. Though he hasn't quite delivered another spell just yet, Lil B has recently directed his disapproving gaze upon a musician. He just released a new song and accompanying video, "4 Tha Record," off his upcoming mixtape, Thugged Out Pissed Off, and he's indeed more pissed than usual, with harsh words directed at the artist who currently holds the No. 1 song in the country: The Weeknd

There are two lines on which the BasedGod disses The Weeknd on "4 Tha Record," the latter which he repeats many times throughout the song. 

"Call me Lil Bars with the XO Bars / Saying fuck The Weeknd, I can't sing that soft"

"A lot of suckas fake, so I can't respect it / Fuck The Weeknd, put that on record" 

Watch the video below. 

For whatever reason, Lil B thinks The Weeknd is "fake" -- perhaps for jacking his swag? Though their music sounds nothing alike, Lil B chooses his targets carefully, so something must be going on. As Complex reports, Lil B tweeted "Fuck The Weeknd" last year, though the diss went mostly unnoticed. 

Would The Weeknd be wise to respond? He certainly doesn't want any dark magic messing up his current hot streak.