"Huge announcement," Lil B says to introduce his new psa. Speaking through J. Prince Junior's Instagram account, The Based God proclaimed: "ey, James Harden. Shout out to Houston. The curse is officially done." Finally!

It's been years since Lil B originally cursed Harden for appropriating his "cookin' dance" without permission: 

He went on to lift the curse on an episode of First Take about a year ago, but now he's lifted it again, maybe because the Rockets couldn't beat the Warriors in the Western conference finals and they need a doubly lifted curse.

The Harden curse is not the only one. The Based God also put a hex on Kevin Durant and challenged him to a game of 21 in his classic track "F*ck KD (KEVIN DURANT DISS)." The video for the song (below) features Lil B showcasing his basketball skills.