Lil B is a rapper who is known for speaking his mind. Not long ago, he made the claim on Twitter that he was the only rapper who didn't fall into the "trap" soundalike category, in which he stuffed the likes of Future, Migos and others. Danny Brown, an equally outspoken and unique rapper in terms of his style was quick to respond to the tweet, which also drew some divided reaction from fans of the Based God. Now, B is at it again, but this time he's using Twitter to speak his mind on an issue that has far greater implication than rap originality: racism against African-Americans.

It looks to have started with an inflammatory tweet that was sent out by Lil B following the tragic mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas. In his opinion, the people who lost their lives during that horrifying act of violence may not have been branded "innocent" had their race been different:

The tweet, which was shared and liked more than 10,000 times, certainly caused quite a stir on social media among the rapper's followers. He fanned the flames afterwards as well, going off on a tangent about slavery and how white people are the ones who really love their guns.

He even went so far as to make the statement that all those who carry or own guns have a mental illness.

Clearly, things were going off the rails pretty quickly, but Lil B stood his ground. He continued to speak out against those who he thought were just lobbing hateful remarks against African-Americans back at him. The answer, as far as the rapper was concerned, was simple: give everyone an equal seat at the table.

The discussion raged on between B and his followers throughout much of yesterday, but if anyone thought the strong feelings would subside with a new day, think again. The emcee doubled down on his statements from the previous day, which led to him fielding a whole new barrage of comments and slights that were thrown in his face.

He even mentions that he would gladly hug a racist white person because, in his mind, love is the key to healing these centuries-old scars that continue to plague human beings who are living in a non-harmonious head space.

As of this writing, the conversation was still unfolding. For the latest action, follow Lil B's Twitter account here.

Update:Lil B responded to the article by saying he's just presenting the facts.