This past Saturday Lil B presented his first art vernissage in his native Berkeley, California. The show taking place at the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive, was centered on a central theme of "Life is about giving." Lil B's positivity has been an anchor for displaced individuals on the Internet, but this show in particular felt like the focus was on his own community for a change.

The vernissage began with Lil B giving a grand lecture to the people in attendance. At roughly the hour mark of his talk, Lil B deviated from his speech to reckon with his personal history: "I want to give way more. This is not enough. I’ve given a lot, but I want to give way more." Lil B then announced that all the work on display was up for grabs "free of charge." Within minutes the amphitheater's walls were stripped of the printed blow-ups he had retrieved from his two published books Dior Paint and Rain in England. A table full of books and articles was also completely ransacked within minutes of Lil B offering his blessing.

Lil B also took time to speak about the distillation process of his last album Black Ken, and how it took several years to complete. The Based God even opened up the incident at Rolling Loud where members of PnB Rock & A Boogie's entourage stomped him down for making crude remarks about their music. If you stick by Lil B, you will come understand your life as a continuous process. In the words of the Based God himself, "I'm happy to be alive..I love you."

[via Fader]