Lil B capped off the year by releasing his extremely ambitious, 101-track mixtape, 05 Fuck Em, and while we can be sure to receive plenty of new music from the Based God in 2014, we will also be treated to a documentary on the rapper.

Word of a "Basedworld" documentary began 3 years back, when a trailer surfaced for a doc with the title. Whether or not the initial preview has any relation to the movie currently in the works is not clear, but this one is definitely official, IMDB page and all.

The project's listed director, Ethan Higbee, Instagrammed a photo from the editing room this week, which indicated that he was working with some footage of an interaction between T-Pain and the Based God which appeared online a few years back.

According to the description, "[Basedworld] is a unique expose on the bay area rapper as he navigates his way through the world living the positive "based" lifestyle. This is an uplifting story of hope and perseverance and shines a light on one of america's brightest new stars."

The doc is set to be released September 17th, 2014. View the T-Pain footage, and the doc's original trailer below.