Lil B is known for surprising people, and most recently he surprised fans (and those who aren't fans) by tweeting about the possibility of working with Toronto rapper, Drake.

He tweeted last Thursday, "I want to work with "THE BASEDGOD" again he is the only one i herd rumors "THE BASEDGOD" will be working with drake."

FuseTV has since reached out to the BasedGod to clarify the vague tweet, and Lil B confirmed the two are indeed going to be working together, although he wouldn't give up the details.

"Yeah, we're about to do something real big. I can't speak on it too much right now, but Drake is the only artist [Lil B] wants to work with. We've talked about doing some production."

"[Drake] wants to do something and we're gonna make it happen," he added. "Something real big, so just look out for it."