Lil B may have alienated The Weeknd and Kevin Durant, he his still has plenty of allies.

One of these allies is Metro Boomin. Metro first made his admiration for The Based God known in 2013 when he tweeted, "Lil B is responsible for a lot of careers man. A true hip hop pioneer." Monday morning, Lil B took to Twitter to compliment Metro and generate excitement for their new collaboration. "Shouts out to the legend @MetroBoomin can't wait to unleash what we been working on soon!," he wrote.

Lil B of course alerted the world that he had been in the studio with Metro two months ago. Who knows what they were cooking -- maybe just a song or two, but perhaps a mixtape? Based Boomin??? Whatever it is, it could be massive. Keep your eyes peeled for heat coming soon, courtesy of Lil B X Metro Boomin.