It was an eventful weekend for both Lil B and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie for different reasons, as they found themselves on opposite ends of a backstage brawl that took place at Rolling Loud's West Coast festival. On Saturday (October 21st), A Boogie and members of his crew jumped Lil B and beat him up before he was to take the stage for his set. The physical altercation supposedly stemmed from emotions surrounding a beef between the two rappers that began after Lil B said that repped New York rap more than the emcees who are actually from that city. “A Boogie and his whole crew just jumped me in the back, and beat me up in the back. That s**t crazy, man,” he announced when he finally made it to the stage. On Sunday, we reported that the BasedGod had forgiven A Boogie and the other aggressors that were involved with the beat down over Twitter, saying he just wanted to see things in a more positive light. Check out those tweets below.

Now, Lil B has confirmed, via Twitter once again, that he and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie have allegedly buried the hatchet after talking things out over the phone. Posting the update in the early morning hours of Monday morning (October 23rd), B described his motivation for the reach out as having "to make some unity moves westcoast and Eastcoast unity." He also stated that "it's no problems" be tween him and A Boogie now, implying that whatever led to the brouhaha at Rolling Loud has been dealt with between the two rappers. You can view his tweet outlining this update below.

Lil B's fans, responding to the news on Twitter, weren't nearly as forgiving. One user noted that, even with B's positive spin on the situation, A Boogie is still "done for" in the eyes of many hip-hop fans. In truth, there's no telling how deeply this will damage the NYC rapper's reputation, as well as his sales figures for his recently released debut album, The Bigger Artist. One thing is for sure though: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie will have to win back some of that goodwill from the court of public opinion in the hip-hop community.

Check out some of the fan reaction tweets below.

Update: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie responded to Lil B's update on Twitter as well, praising him for the communication and his willingness to forgive such behavior. Check that tweet out below.