If you’re uncomfortable with the idea of Hollywood (or whatever the UK equivalent is) representing Michael Jackson’s image after last week’s horrifying Urban Myths rendition was cancelled due to controversy, we’d understand. However, that isn’t stopping TV network Lifetime from giving the King of Pop his own biopic.

The film hasn’t yet begun production so we’re unable to verify what Michael Jackson will look like, but the book its based on was written by two of his bodyguards and centers on the troubled final years of his life. Its tentative title is Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland and stars the self-proclaimed “world’s greatest Michael Jackson impersonator.” At least he’ll be able to dance, and he even earned the blessing of Michael Jackson himself before Jackson passed away (check out the video below).

Lifetime doesn’t exactly have the best record when it comes to telling the stories of legendary pop stars. Its biopic about Aaliyah was universally hated by both fans and friends of Aaliyah alike, although that’s clearly not stopping the network. Just gotta hope for the best.

[via Deadline]