LiAngelo Ball's career in basketball has certainly been a topsy turvy one. After starting with UCLA, Ball was removed from the team by his father following a shoplifting scandal in China. From there, LiAngelo went to Lithuania with his brother LaMelo where they played on the same team. Ball eventually worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers although he never got drafted. Now, LiAngelo is a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder G-League team and is working on getting himself into the NBA.

To commemorate Ball's hard work and philosophy, he recently visited tattoo artist Herchell L. Carrasco for a massive back tattoo. As you can see, his back is covered in a skeleton-like character holding some cards. Meanwhile, the phrase "Bet On Myself, Beat The Odds" is written to demonstrate how he has been dealing with adversity his whole career.

This tattoo definitely makes a statement although we're sure Ball is well-aware of that already. Not to mention, it's permanent so he better not be feeling regret, otherwise, that would certainly create quite a few problems later on down the line.

Regardless, Ball seems to be a bit of a tattoo fiend so this latest addition definitely isn't a stretch.

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