Over the years, we've all watched as Rich Dollaz gained his reputation as the "Creep Squad" captain, but over the last few seasons of Love & Hip Hop New York, the hip hop mogul hasn't been involved in as much drama as we've seen in the past. That is, until season nine's reunion special aired and Mariahlynn let all of his cats out of the bag and put his personal business on blast.

At one awkward point of the show, Mariahlynn confesses that she loves Rich Dollaz, real name Richard Trowsers, and that the two have had an on-again-off-again relationship for eight years. Then, strangely, she says that they also plan on having children, but Rich had a vasectomy when he found out he had diabetes, which has put their family plans on the backburner. The rest of the cast looks around in confusion as host Nina Parker turns to Rich for his side of the story, but instead, he directly addresses Mariahlynn to tell her that he didn't appreciate her mouthing off about his personal life.

Mariah doesn't let him finish his thought and takes the opportunity to tell him that it's time for him to be honest about their relationship, but Rich decides to walk backstage. Meanwhile, Mariah storms offstage in another direction, crying while saying that Rich never sticks up for her in public, even though she claims they lay in bed next to each other exchanging "I love yous." During the skirmish, Mariahlynn also revealed that she was once pregnant with Rich's child. When Rich returns to the stage, he didn't really use words to return her verbal affections, but he did say that they would work things out when they got back home.