Lira Galore is a model and entrepreneur who just recently, gave birth to her first child. The father of the child is Pierre "P" Thomas of Quality Control, although the two aren't together anymore. As of right now, Galore has been playing the field and in the case of Le'Veon Bell, that pun was certainly intended. Bell has been gearing up for a brand new NFL season in which he will be playing with the New York Jets. Bell has been posting photos from training camp and one of those images caught the eye of Galore who quote tweeted him, saying "people be fine."

The tweet caught the attention of Bell who replied with a kissing and heart emoji. Once again, Galore replied except this time, with a blushing emoji with hearts around it.

These tweets don't confirm that the two are dating but they certainly lend to rumors that they are. Fans were quick to comment on the pairing with a varying range of opinions being spewed here. Of course, Bell missed all of last season while holding out on his contract with the Pittsburgh Steelers which eventually led to his signing with the Jets. Bell will be looking to recreate the success he had in the years prior, all while trying to take the Jets out of the dark hole they've been in over the last decade.