Stephanie Maisonet, the mother of LeSean McCoy's six-year old son, has filed court documents alleging that the Buffalo Bills' running back abused their child. The documents obtained by TMZ are a part of a lawsuit filed against McCoy by Delicia Cordon, the ex-girlfriend who is accusing McCoy of setting up a home invasion that left her brutally beaten.

According to TMZ, Maisonet says McCoy called her after the attack on Cordon and offered to give up his custody battle for their son and let her enroll him in a school in Miami, if she'd publicly support his character and insinuate he wasn't behind the attack. She also claims the day before Cordon was assaulted, she overheard McCoy on the phone saying, "I need to get this bitch out of my house."

Maisonet, who believes LeSean has abused their son on multiple occasions, says she allowed a friend of McCoy's to post a positive message about the Bills' star on her Instagram account, though she now regrets the move. "I regret ever agreeing to help LeSean McCoy in this case ... I feel like I am sending our son to a monster every two weeks," she concludes in the court documents.

McCoy has since denied the claims with an IG post that reads: "The allegations made against me today regarding my relationship with my son are provably false, outrageously inaccurate and offensive. I have a loving and close knit relationship with my son. That young boy is my whole life. With a custody case coming up in November, I can see why these false allegations are surfacing."