When photos were posted earlier today of LeSean McCoy's girlfriend showing the scars and bruises she allegedly suffered at his hands, NFL fans were quickly searching for any more information about the incident that they could find. In the initial post from Delicia Cordon's best friend, she claims that McCoy uses illegal drugs and has beat both their dog and son for the smallest of issues. Whether or not any of the allegations are true will need to be determined later but LeSean was quick to rebuke the claims. Claiming he has not had any direct contact with Delicia or her friend in months, LeSean says the allegations are "baseless." According to TMZ Sports, the Bills running-back has sued Cordon in the past in order to get her to leave his house.

While the timeline for the lawsuit is currently unclear, there are several reports of a suit filed by LeSean against his ex-girlfriend, trying to force her into leaving his home. The lawsuit was apparently filled out in June. The matter was supposed to be handled in court today but, of course, due to the circumstances of the alleged abuse and Delicia's condition, the court date will need to be rescheduled. According to TMZ, EMT's were called to a home on Delicia's street on Monday.

The two have reportedly been pretty nasty with each other in the last month and, if the alleged incident of domestic violence is true, there will hopefully be hefty repercussions handed down. Read more here.